2017 Studio Tour Artists

Eleanor Blair, Painter (oils)


Eleanor Blair Studio 

113 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601



"I have been in Gainesville since 1971, painting the world around me. I search for beauty in the natural world and in everyday things. I work primarily in oil, from life and from my photographs. I love to see how light transforms objects and places, and to capture that transformation in paint."

Kate is sharing her studio tour site with Marianne Choy, former student and potter.

Kate Shakeshaft Murray, Potter (stoneware & porcelain functional pottery)

1854 Northwest 41st Avenue

Gainesville, Florida  32605

352-337-9074 or (cell) 352-318-4462


"Throwing pottery on the wheel is a meditative process that can engage the spatial non-verbal part of our brains in a satisfying way. It is also a source of humility...our preconceived plans are regularly disappointed. Pottery as a result of our efforts can be a pleasing marriage of sculptural art and practical daily living."

In 1978 Kate Shakeshaft began making pottery purely for fun as an English major at Grinnell College in Iowa. She never stopped. Kate has a BFA in ceramics, sculpture and drawing from the University of Iowa, and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Florida.  

James Bates, Painter (abstract landscapes, football folk art & everything in-between)

2519 Southwest 81st Street

Gainesville, Florida   32608


‘Batesy,’ as ‘The Head Ball Coach,’ Steve Spurrier, calls him, played college football at the University of Florida as a middle linebacker, where he attained All Southeastern Conference status and was a captain of the Florida Gators' 1996 national championship team, while graduating with a telecommunication degree.  People generally recognize James as the former Gator football player, or for his award-winning television broadcasting, but more and more, they are recognizing him as an accomplished artist. Come see where it all goes down....

Alfred is sharing his studio tour site with Kimberly Miller, sculptor.

Alfred Phillips, Painter (contemporary realism, acrylic)

1325 Northwest 53rd Terrace

Gainesville, Florida   32605



"Because I almost always paint realistically but never to the point of photorealism, I call my work 'contemporary realism,' and it often has a narrative theme -- sometimes humorous and sometimes serious. Lately I have been introducing abstract elements into my work and experimenting with mixed media."

Phillips had a long, successful career in commercial art that included stints at ad agencies, then at his own graphics design firm.  In 2003 he closed the firm and took up acrylic painting full time, earning multiple awards, and selling his work nationally and internationally. In 2013 he moved to Gainesville and became active in the arts community.  He is currently on the Board of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and serves as Creative Director.

Kimberly Miller, Sculptor (ceramic totemic sculptures)

1325 Northwest 53rd Terrace

Gainesville, Florida   32605

•sharing studio tour site with Alfred Phillips•



Kimberly Miller's pursuit of clay work has been a life-long journey. The malleable material of clay has been a constant companion and the visual language she uses to express herself.  Her current body of totemic sculptures are a collection of stacked, biomorphic forms. Each piece contributes to the structure with its precarious and flawed natures, ultimately striving to find balance and peace.

Kimberly works as a full-time artist and has begun teaching in her Leesburg studio.  She coordinated and taught at the City of Orlando's Pottery Studio for 26 years, retiring in 2013.  Kimberly recently earned her BFA in the Ceramics program at the University of Florida.

Debra Lindberg, Mixed Media (encaustic, collage, pigments)

846 Northwest 31st Avenue (Stephen Foster neighborhood)

Gainesville, Florida 32609



"My work employs a traditional encaustic process incorporating multiple layering of collage elements, various pigments, photo transfers and other materials that are encased between layers of clear encaustic medium via heat fusion. This process results in an unmatched level of depth and luminosity that is unique to encaustic."


Deb and Wes Lindberg have a newly constructed two-story artist studio including a "Man Cave" and a "Lady Loft" behind their vintage home in the Stephen Foster neighborhood. On your way to the studio enjoy a lovely walk through the loosely landscaped gardens...and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of the resident garden bunnies along the path.

Wes Lindberg, Fine Art Photography (alternative photographic processes)

846 Northwest 31st Avenue (Stephen Foster Neighborhood)

Gainesville, Florida   32609



Wes Lindberg is a full-time digital media professor, sixteen years and counting, at Santa Fe College. He has been a fine art photographer for most of his life and currently hand- prints full color images of flowers, promoting our small local farms.


The current project title is "Florida Farm Flowers," and many of the flower images are from Swallowtail Farm in nearby Alachua. 

"My current images are created using a combination of alternative photographic processes, platinum/palladium and gum bichromate, both of which were developed in the 1800's. The color emulsions are a mix of permanent watercolor pigments and light-sensitive chemicals."

Jacquelyne Collett, Glass Artist

Jacquelyne is sharing her studio tour site with Amy Benson and Bettianne Ford, former students --both accomplished glass artists. 

3619 Northwest 30th Boulevard 

Gainesville, Florida 32605



I am drawing and mark-making with glass, hand pulling glass threads over a torch and then manipulating them again with heat to make shapes. I rarely have a preconceived idea of what the pieces will look like.  I am exploring.

In this body of work, the colors I am using are reactive with each other, that is, they form a subtle interactive border due to the oxides in the glass.

Amy Benson, Glass Artist

3619 Northwest 30th Boulevard 

Gainesville, Florida 32605

•sharing studio tour site with Jacquelyne Collett•

My love of nature and animals drives much of my creativity.  I am a fish biologist by profession and while you will be sure to find some fish among my pieces, you will also find birds, elephants, horses, cats and dogs. I do custom pieces for animal lovers!

I also appreciate graphic elements, geometric patterns and abstract design. I will be showing a broad range of glass pieces, both functional and decorative.  

Bettianne Ford,
Photographer & Glass Artist

3619 Northwest 30th Boulevard 

Gainesville, Florida 32605

•sharing studio tour site with Jacquelyne Collett•




My journey to glasswork followed a winding path, beginning with photography.  As I captured images on my camera, I felt the urge to recreate them in other art forms. I started with stained glass and later progressed to kiln-formed glass.

I can apply my stained glass skills in cutting and shaping glass and pair those with the color and composition that I bring from photography. This allows me to create freely using color and texture, and offers both freedom and structure in the design process. I will be showing both photography and glass during the studio tour.

Chris Tatum, Woodturner

1631 Southwest 170th Street

Newberry, Florida  32669



Chris Tatum has worked with wood all his life. Originally from Miami, Florida, he moved to the Gainesville area in 1978. For over 30 years Chris crafted fine furniture and cabinetry.


In recent years Chris has reinvented his art form to focus on woodturning, the art of shaping forms on a lathe to create functional and sculptural objects. Utilizing discarded material, Chris meticulously crafts beautiful works of art from his imagination. His work not only serves a functional purpose, but is aesthetically engaging and thought-provoking.

Watching someone turn wood is magical -- not to be missed!

Candace McCaffery, Fiber Artist

GFAA Gallery

1314 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"I am a self-taught fiber artist. I enjoy experimenting with color and pattern to create my designs. Many of my artworks reflect my love for nature. It is rewarding to me to be able to transform plain white cotton into something much more: A colorful celebration of nature in my own interpretation.

"I utilize many different surface design techniques. Dyeing and overseeing, stamp making, direct and indirect printing are a few of my standard techniques."

Come watch the process and the transformation.

Robin Popp, Painter
(mixed media, plein air)

GFAA Gallery

1314 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601



Born in south Florida, Robin has painted since she was old enough to hold the brush. She spent a short time at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, and then has continued learning and growing as an artist in a family of artists. Her favorite medium is oils and she works both as a plein air and studio painter. 

Robin's work is a celebration of the outdoors. She loves to paint on location en pleinair. Her north Florida farm and surrounding area provides much of the subject matter for her landscapes in oil.


Birds are another favorite subject. Crows, waterbirds, sparrows, all work their way into her paintings. Robin's background as a woodworker also influences her works in assemblage. Her latest series of boxes combines oil paintings and found objects. As she describes, “I love the earthy feel of rust and worn wood, and the ageless quality of glass. They hold a hidden history of where they have been and who has touched them. I give them new life in new stories.”   

Jane Medved, Painter (acrylics)

705 Northeast 9th Avenue

Gainesville, Florida 32601



"My paintings portray nature and human nature in Florida and around the world. Inspired by weekly trips to local springs, my artwork captures light and reflections on water and playfully pictures humans and wildlife. In addition to the natural world, I paint satirical and metaphorical views of the world at large.

"My studio is a substantial two-story structure next door to my house. The hideaway was designed to blend into the environment and the historic Duckpond neighborhood. I spend many hours at work in my remarkable retreat, and the scenes and characters I create provide me with cheerful company."

Mandy Macias, Painter (acrylics & mixed media)

3508 Northwest 26th Terrace

Gainesville, Florida  32605



"I used to struggle with subject matter and would ask my self: What should I paint? What colors should I use? Then, I started letting my feelings and instincts take over to give me inspiration.  A memory of a landscape, the smell of a flower, the movement of water or the rhythm of  music, chaos or serenity. My goal as an artist is to be able to convey those feelings thru my paintings and to bring joy to others when I do."

Jeff Ripple, Painter (oils)

112 Northeast Hunter Avenue

Micanopy, Florida 32667


jeffrippleart.com (paintings)

jeffripple.com (photographs)

"I am a self-trained artist dedicated to a poetic realism in landscape painting. My oil paintings in the field and studio are inspired by intriguing compositions, mood and atmosphere in the landscape. My style involves carefully planned drawings, a reliance on sketches and studies painted in nature to inform studio work, and a treatment of light and atmosphere reminiscent of 19th Century artists working in the uniquely American Hudson River School and Luminist traditions. Evidence of human presence is often absent or subordinated by my landscapes.

"Visitors will see finished paintings, works in progress, supporting sketches and references in the studio and gallery as well as my large format photography."

Tina Corbett, Painter (oils)

Lanza Gallery and Art Supplies

23645 West US Highway 27

High Springs, Florida  32643



"I paint in a realist style...realism that your soul can feel. I love to evoke emotion in the natural beauty of things and I am inclined to paint in bold colors to extend on nature's brilliance. 

Gravitating to rich hues and adding warmth in one way or another to most of my work, I use only quality oil paints and materials to create my art. I want my art to tell you a story, to lead you into the image and make you want to be there.

"I want my viewers to feel what it is, and what it can be like. Envious of the old masters and of their skill and pride in their work I strive to express myself the way the old masters expressed themselves. This leads me to continue to improve my skills so I can touch a corner of their world and attempt to walk in their shoes, no matter how enormous the task or how long it takes. Life will continue to guide me toward that artistic goal."

Gainesville Fine Arts Association

1314 South Main Street    Gainesville, Florida