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Amy Richard

Visual Artist / Paper Investigator
Studio 8

822 NW 25 Ave Gainesville, FL 32609


After working as an illustrator and science writer for many years, a long-time interest in hand papermaking processes led me to complete an MFA in Book Arts and Paper at the University of Iowa, with a focus on Asian papermaking.

Much of my work is grounded in a fascination with the energy in nature, particularly within the detritus or "relics" that remain after life is gone. The drawings, pulp paintings and sculptures I produce are animated by the belief that nature is telling us something with its own expressive vocabulary of lines, shapes, textures and colors. In every weather-worn remnant, there is a narrative—and lessons to be learned.

I begin with a paper substrate made with water and cellulose fiber from the inner bark of paper mulberry saplings harvested from my front yard. After cooking and hand beating the fiber, each sheet is formed by generating a series of !waves” (of water and pulp) across a screen that “captures" the fiber onto a woven bamboo surface, before it is prepared for image-making.

My work can be found in numerous private and public collections including the Smithsonian, Newberry Library in Chicago, University of Iowa and University of Florida Special Collections, among others.

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