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Kate Murray

Studio 14

1854 NW 41st Ave, Gainesville, Florida 32605, USA


Kate has been making pottery for 45 years, from Iowa to Vermont, South Carolina and Florida. She has worked in schools and production potteries, and taught at Santa Fe College for 15 years. She has won prizes and national distinctions, but really it’s all about making a life in clay. She says, “A day when I touch clay is better than a day when I don’t.”

Pottery is expressive of being human, having a body that lives in the day-to-day as well as a rich metaphorical mental life. Kate’s pots, mostly thrown on the wheel, are influenced by historical pottery from Mediterranean cultures, Asia, and the Americas, from the Neolithic to the present moment. The most successful work has autobiographical elements, yet the life experiences reflected in the work are common: sexy youth, fortitude in difficulty, grief, reaching for equanimity.

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