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Grab a brochure / map at the GFAA gallery or any of the studio sites...or simply navigate via your mobile phone.

*Participating Artist of the
Friday Night Preview 5-9 pm


Visitors will have the opportunity to see the artists at work, and to view and purchase a wide range of original work directly from the artist. 

Marsh Life Leslie Peebles 1.jpg

Leslie Peebles, Printmaker
(linocut & wood-cut relief prints, mixed media)

*Friday night preview 5-9

Sweetwater Print Cooperative

117 S Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My path as an artist intertwines between spiritual and dream work, and an ever-growing connection with nature. Nature serves as a living metaphor for the connectedness of all things; internal, external and universal. Land, trees, and animals are the projections and identifiers of self and universe."

Leslie's pieces begin with a profound personal experience. Next, the long, arduous process of carving begins. The blocks are printed on an etching press and color is added with watercolor, encaustic medium, or through reduction or multi-block printmaking.

Jane Medved, Painter (acrylics)

*Friday night preview 5-9

Jane Medved Art Studio & Gallery

705 NE 9th Avenue

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My art studio is a hidden two-story structure near downtown Gainesville. The building style blends with the neighborhood’s historic architecture.


"My paintings of nature and human nature generally fall into three categories I’ve dubbed waterscapes, peoplescapes, and worldscapes. I enjoy the challenge of painting water with its shifting light, reflections and wave patterns. I paint wildlife and human visitors having fun outdoors. My worldscapes are satires of life on earth. I also create folk-art masks and will hold a drawing for a free mask on each day of the studio tour."


In addition to local venues, Jane's artwork has been shown at Montana’s Yellowstone Art Museum and at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum of Arts and Design.


Howell Reliquary.jpg
Steve Howell, Potter/Sculptor

1015 NE 6th Street

Gainesville, Florida   32601


A self-supporting studio potter and sculptor for more than 50 years, I am currently working in two areas. One, making functional redware Majolica pottery, including all sorts of plates, bowls, and covered containers. Two, working with copper strips that are woven together to make sculptures of boats, containers, and wall pieces.

My education includes a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin (1975) and an MFA in Ceramics from Wichita State University (1977).

I have just completed construction of a new studio at my home in the Duckpond neighborhood. I will demonstrate pottery-making on the wheel as well as show my techniques for weaving copper. The studio is open, full of light and a pleasant place to see an artist at work. There is also ample parking available.


*Friday night preview 5-9


Marcus Collier, Fine Woodworking

*Friday night preview 5-9

1114 NE 5th Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601



 Predominantly I make coffee tables, end tables, and dining tables, as well as Japanese-inspired 'Tansu' Styled Chests of Drawers. I choose specific boards for each project and once the wood is delivered, I hand the final design details over to the wood. The wood reaIly does "speak to me." That is a fact and integral part of my process.

Growing up in a Mid-Century Modern furnished home designed, in part, by my architect-father, I was then educated with degrees in Art History (BA Univ. of the South, Sewanee, TN, and MA from UF). I bring all my educational and creative talents to bear on my more significant pieces. Learning to turn wood under my mentor Raymond Ferguson, a gifted educator simply by example, has given my life meaning.


Eleanor Blair, Painter (oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and pastels)

*Friday night preview 5-9

1105 NE 3rd Street
Gainesville, Florida, 32601


Eleanor Blair received a BFA from Cooper Union in New York City in 1969, and moved to Gainesville in 1971.  Her work combines visual accuracy with painterly brush work and rich color. Florida landscape is her primary subject, but her portraits, still life, interiors and architectural studies demonstrate her fine draftsmanship and sense of light.

“I paint and draw the world around me - my dogs, my travels, interesting objects, dreams and memories.”

Michelle Nagri 1.jpg

Michelle is sharing her studio tour site with Peter Senesac, Painter.

Michelle Nagri, Photographer and Painter

*Friday night preview 5-9

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville FL 32609


Using photography, paint, and collage (both digital and analog) Michelle’s work is about telling stories, sharing feelings, and chronicling moments in time. She is inspired by shapes, color, lines, and the beautiful little details hiding in plain sight around us. She finds her inspiration in nature, architecture, books, and the dreaming world. Her latest experiments combine paint with her photography, and she plans to give painting and photography demos during the Studio Tour. She is also part of a collaborative art project called Wild Together Art with Peter Senesac. Together they paint abstract works and plan to give live demos of their process during the Studio Tour. Michelle has been photographing and painting since 2010. In that time she has shown her work at numerous art festivals, and local and national exhibits, and has received several awards. Most notably she was invited to be the Santa Fe College 50th Annual Spring Arts Festival poster artist in 2018 with her limited edition piece entitled Into the Garden of Dreamers.

Wild Together Art is a collaboration between Michelle Nagri, a photographer and mixed media painter, and Peter Senesac, More info see... Wild Together


Peter Senesac, Painter (acrylics and oils)

*Friday night preview 5-9

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville Florida 32609



"I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. All my paintings, even the abstracts, seem to resolve as landscapes. I want to express how the land and sky are shaped by light and how reflections describe the surface of water. Mood and atmosphere are more important to me than representing a particular place. My intention is to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.


"I apply both oils and water media to canvas, watercolor paper, or prepared wood panels. With brushes, palette knives, improvised tools, and sometimes bare hands, my techniques range from thin washes and glazes to spattering and thick impasto. Finished paintings are protected with varnish. You can follow my painting on all the social media platforms, Etsy, and my website under the name Art For Pete Sake."

Peter is sharing his studio tour site with Michelle Nagri, Photographer.

Wild Together Art is a collaboration between Michelle Nagri, a photographer and mixed media painter, and Peter Senesac, More info see... Wild Together

Christine Brundige, Painter

Art Studios of Grace
3146 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(behind Grace Presbyterian Church)


Christine draws inspiration for her art from the bright colors and light of Mexico, from the lush plant life of Florida, and from the expansive vistas of her native Colorado and the West. She has worked with painting and dyeing of fabric and various printmaking techniques. For the past two decades she has pursued the medium of watercolor.

After receiving her Master's Degree in Art Education from UF, Christine spent four liberating and gratifying years in Mexico, teaching at the Instituto Allende and completing a Master's Degree in printmaking and mixed media. She constructed several painted fabric installations exploring the concept of shelter, sharing her materials with the students at the orphanage where she volunteered, and encouraging them to construct shelter spaces of their own. In the bilingual children's book she wrote and illustrated with original lithographs, she explored the concepts of adventure, home, and belonging by recording the adventures of a pet dog, Napoleon, through the streets of San Miguel de Allende.

Since retiring from teaching art, Christine is pursuing her own art full time. She finds the more she immerses herself in her art the more inspiration she finds. It is important to capture the beauty and calmness of the moment, so that feeling may be shared with the viewer. She has shown her work in Mexico, Colorado, and Florida.

*Friday night preview 5-9

Gainesville Fine Arts Association

1314 South Main Street    Gainesville, Florida

Linda Zidonik, Mosaic Artist

*Friday night preview 5-9

Art Studios of Grace
3146 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(behind Grace Presbyterian Church)


Linda Zidonik is a retired art teacher.  She first found her love of mosaics in Italy where she took a week-long workshop.  Since then, she began making mosaics from her barn in Micanopy. She now is a resident artist in the Art Studios of Grace.  “I love the whole process from scoring the glass to “painting” with the pieces, grouting, finishing the frames, everything. I love the challenge of painting with glass, the hard surfaces and distinct colors blending into a soft, thoughtful expression. I love sharing my passion with others in workshops.”  Linda’s work can be found at McIntyre’s Stained Glass Studio and Gallery in Thornebrook.


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Jay Winter Collins - Acrylic Paintings & Illustration
Art Studios of Grace
3146 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(behind Grace Presbyterian Church)

Jay uses high-flow acrylic, applied with markers and brush, on wood, canvas or found objects to create vivid images and patterns. The work may include more than 16 layers with thin varnishes between layers to maximize the density of color.


The whimsical subject matter is meant to engage the viewer, gladden the heart and encourage a moment of delighted mindfulness, as the brain is stimulated by the juxtaposition of intensely saturated line and pattern.

Jay is the illustrator for the Rhoda the Alligator series of books, written by Governor Bob Graham.

*Friday night preview 5-9

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