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*Participating Artist of the
Friday Night Preview 5-9 pm


Visitors will have the opportunity to see the artists at work, and to view and purchase a wide range of original work directly from the artist. 

Candace C.jpg

Sharing studio tour site, GFAA, with Tina Corbett and Linda Krause.

Candace McCaffery, Fiber Artist

*Friday night preview 5-9

GFAA Gallery

1314 S Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


Candace McCaffery learned sewing from her mother at an early age. After graduating from college with a BS in forestry and wildlife ecology, she began exploring the technique of quilting. Candace has developed her own contemporary style and technique. Fiber reactive dyes, hand-painted, printed, hand-dyed, and marbleized fabrics are all elements of the original designs for her pillows and wall hangings. Frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes are often immortalized in her art and reflect her love, respect, and humor for the natural world.

“I try to create art that reflects my connection to nature.  I enjoy experimenting with many surface design techniques to create unique fabrics that I incorporate into my art.”

Sharing studio tour site, GFAA, with Candace McCaffery and Linda Krause.

Tina Corbett, Painter

*Friday night preview 5-9

GFAA Gallery
1314 S Main Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601


​Tina Corbett is a plein air artist and studio painter specializing in oils and mixed media. She served as the US postal art illustrator for the South Florida District Postal Service for 17 years before moving to northern Florida. Her education includes two years studying commercial art at the Miami Lakes Technical Institute and several years studying with a respected South Florida artist for oil painting, along with numerous fine art workshops. She currently resides in High Springs, Florida, where she pursues her first love, fine art oil painting.

This area of Florida has inspired her creativity with its “artsy” spirit and its wonderful array of springs, beautiful ranches, farms and historic “Old Florida.”  She also paints commissions of figurative, animal & automobile portraits, and landscapes.

Recently she has stepped out of her creative box to combine the world of ultra-realism and abstract works, adding to her art portfolio.

Tina opened her own gallery, the Lanza Gallery & Art Supplies, in beautiful downtown High Springs. She regularly participates in plein air events and outdoor art festivals.

Marsh Life Leslie Peebles 1.jpg

Sharing studio tour site with Toni Jepson, Photographer

Leslie Peebles, Printmaker
(linocut & wood-cut relief prints, mixed media)

*Friday night preview 5-9

Sweetwater Print Cooperative

117 S Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My path as an artist intertwines between spiritual and dream work, and an ever-growing connection with nature. Nature serves as a living metaphor for the connectedness of all things; internal, external and universal. Land, trees, and animals are the projections and identifiers of self and universe."

Leslie's pieces begin with a profound personal experience. Next, the long, arduous process of carving begins. The blocks are printed on an etching press and color is added with watercolor, encaustic medium, or through reduction or multi-block printmaking.

Sharing studio tour site with Leslie Peebles, Printmaker

Toni Jepson, Photographer

*Friday night preview 5-9

Sweetwater Print Cooperative

117 S Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


Toni Jepson (b.1982) is a multimedia artist with a multidisciplinary and multicultural background who creates social, geopolitical, and ecologically oriented work in documentary film, photography, and video installation. Toni seeks to further understand how art, media, technology, and popular education can be integrated in ways that provide equal and accessible forms of learning and teaching, while developing solidarity and ecosystem conservation awareness.

A graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, Toni also holds a BTG medical interpreter training certificate from The Cross Cultural Health Care Program in Seattle, WA.

Toni is currently setting up a traditional darkroom at Sweetwater Print Cooperative in Gainesville's Tench Building, having recently joined as a transient member. Home is a traveling studio van.

Jane Medved, Painter (acrylics)

*Friday night preview 5-9

Jane Medved Art Studio & Gallery

705 NE 9th Avenue

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My art studio is a hidden two-story structure near downtown Gainesville. The building style blends with the neighborhood’s historic architecture.


"My paintings of nature and human nature generally fall into three categories I’ve dubbed waterscapes, peoplescapes, and worldscapes. I enjoy the challenge of painting water with its shifting light, reflections and wave patterns. I paint wildlife and human visitors having fun outdoors. My worldscapes are satires of life on earth. I also create folk-art masks and will hold a drawing for a free mask on each day of the studio tour."


In addition to local venues, Jane's artwork has been shown at Montana’s Yellowstone Art Museum and at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum of Arts and Design.


Eleanor Blair, Painter (oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and pastels)

*Friday night preview 5-9

1105 NE 3rd Street
Gainesville, Florida, 32601


Eleanor Blair graduated from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City in 1969. She moved to Gainesville in 1971 and has been painting Central Florida scenes since that time. She is a well-known member of the art community in Gainesville; exhibiting her work in local art festivals, and performing on stage with the Gainesville Orchestra.

Blair paints in oil on canvas. Her work combines visual accuracy with painterly brush work and rich color. Florida landscape is her primary subject, but her portraits, still life, interiors and architectural studies demonstrate her fine draftsmanship and sense of light.

“I paint and draw the world around me - my dogs, my travels, interesting objects, dreams and memories.”

Michelle Nagri 1.jpg

Michelle is sharing her studio tour site with Peter Senesac, Painter.

Michelle Nagri, Photographer and Painter

*Friday night preview 5-9

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville FL 32609


Using photography, paint, and collage (both digital and analog) Michelle’s work is about telling stories, sharing feelings, and chronicling moments in time. She is inspired by shapes, color, lines, and the beautiful little details hiding in plain sight around us. She finds her inspiration in nature, architecture, books, and the dreaming world. Her latest experiments combine paint with her photography, and she plans to give painting and photography demos during the Studio Tour. She is also part of a collaborative art project called Wild Together Art with Peter Senesac. Together they paint abstract works and plan to give live demos of their process during the Studio Tour. Michelle has been photographing and painting since 2010. In that time she has shown her work at numerous art festivals, and local and national exhibits, and has received several awards. Most notably she was invited to be the Santa Fe College 50th Annual Spring Arts Festival poster artist in 2018 with her limited edition piece entitled Into the Garden of Dreamers.

Wild Together Art is a collaboration between Michelle Nagri, a photographer and mixed media painter, and Peter Senesac, More info see... Wild Together

ocw_sisters of the burn Peter

Peter Senesac, Painter (acrylics and oils)

*Friday night preview 5-9

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville Florida 32609



"I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. All my paintings, even the abstracts, seem to resolve as landscapes. I want to express how the land and sky are shaped by light and how reflections describe the surface of water. Mood and atmosphere are more important to me than representing a particular place. My intention is to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.


"I apply both oils and water media to canvas, watercolor paper, or prepared wood panels. With brushes, palette knives, improvised tools, and sometimes bare hands, my techniques range from thin washes and glazes to spattering and thick impasto. Finished paintings are protected with varnish. You can follow my painting on all the social media platforms, Etsy, and my website under the name Art For Pete Sake."

Peter is sharing his studio tour site with Michelle Nagri, Photographer.

Wild Together Art is a collaboration between Michelle Nagri, a photographer and mixed media painter, and Peter Senesac, More info see... Wild Together

Gainesville Fine Arts Association

1314 South Main Street    Gainesville, Florida

Linda Zidonik, Mosaic Artist

*Friday night preview 5-9

3146 NW 13th Street

Art Studios of Grace

(located in the former

nursery school behind

Grace Presbyterian Church)


Linda Zidonik is a retired art teacher.  She first found her love of mosaics in Italy where she took a week-long workshop.  Since then, she began making mosaics from her barn in Micanopy. She now is a resident artist in the Art Studios of Grace.  “I love the whole process from scoring the glass to “painting” with the pieces, grouting, finishing the frames, everything. I love the challenge of painting with glass, the hard surfaces and distinct colors blending into a soft, thoughtful expression. I love sharing my passion with others in workshops.”  Linda’s work can be found at McIntyre’s Stained Glass Studio and Gallery in Thornebrook.


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Diana Tonnessen, Printmaker
(linoleum block prints)

*Friday night preview 5-9

2390 NW 18th Place

Gainesville, Florida 32605


Through whimsical compositions, luminous colors and the rustic texture of the linocut I aspire to capture the charm and allure of an Old Florida vacation and explore the state’s colorful history as a travel destination for millions of Americans.

My art is inspired by the Florida I remember as a child, when our family made the three-day trek on U.S. Highway 441 and U.S. Highway 301 from our home in New Jersey to my mother’s Central Florida hometown of Bushnell, Fla.

I now live just a mile west of U.S. Highway 441 in Gainesville, Florida, where roadside relics of that era can still be found. One of them, the Florida Motel (1935-2018), is where I began my artistic exploration of the Sunshine State’s rich cultural history as one of America’s favorite vacation destinations.

My limited-edition linoleum block prints are made entirely by hand using the centuries-old process of relief block printing. Each print, or impression, is pulled from a hand-carved block of linoleum and printed on archival paper using a hand-cranked etching press.

Morris_02_Clear Moonlight_WEB.png

*Friday night preview 5-9

Dave Morris - Thistle Dew Art Studios
(2D and 3D stained-glass, mosaics, collage, painting & printing)

8572 SW 12th Lane
Gainesville, Florida, 32607


As a self-trained observer and glass and mosaic artist for 20 years, I find inspiration in nature and color and I thrive on the predictability of unpredictability in the natural world…like the morning sun through a beveled piece of glass throwing a rainbow on the wall.

Ultimately, if my work starts a conversation, makes you take a deep breath, sparks a warm memory, or just touches your heart, then I have accomplished my goal of assisting you in your own celebration of all things random. I hope to make you think, I hope to make you smile, and I hope to ease your navigation of this unpredictable life.