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Jeff Ripple

Landscape Painter
Studio 5

1015 Northeast 6th Street, Gainesville, FL, 32601


I am a self-trained artist who relies on rigorous daily practice in drawing and painting as part of my process. I sketch and paint regularly in nature to create field studies that often focus on skies, light on the landscape, water, trees, rocks or really anything that interests me. My field work usually involves a relatively quick attempt to attain accurate color, values, and forms while seeking specificity in my scene or subject. I then refine those ideas as time permits with a focus on atmosphere and achieving depth.

My work in the studio evolves from graphite composition sketches, field studies (paintings and drawings), photographs and video shot on location. Studio paintings are generally more contemplative with carefully rendered underpaintings (often monochromatic) and layers of glazing to achieve a luminous mood and atmosphere. Many studio paintings are from imagination, drawing from experiences, contemplation and a sense of wonder in the landscape.

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