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Jacquelyne Collett

Glass Artist
Studio 14

3619 Northwest 30th Boulevard, Gainesville, FL, USA


“I am sketching and mark-making with glass, hand pulling glass threads over a torch and then manipulating them again with heat to make shapes. With my design work, I rarely have a preconceived idea of what the piece will look like when I finish. I am exploring.

My work is considered kiln-formed glass. I use kilns, torches & sandblasting equipment to make my glass pieces. With much of my work, I have chosen glasses that are reactive with each other -- they form a subtle interactive border due to the oxides in the glass.

My inspiration comes from the formal elements of line, tone, shape and texture. I am a designer at heart, finding great satisfaction in the nuances of line, in conceiving and organizing a visual composition.”

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