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2019 Studio Tour Artists


Visitors will have the opportunity to see the artists at work, and to view and purchase a wide range of original work directly from the artist. 

Kate Shakeshaft Murray Potter
Kate Shakeshaft Murray, Potter
(stoneware & porcelain functional pottery)


1854 Northwest 41st Avenue

Gainesville, Florida 32605


Kate enjoys clay and the processes of throwing, trimming, glazing and firing so much that she has continued doing ceramics for 40 years. Her work is both useful and thoughtful. Currently she teaches at Santa Fe College and welcomes you to her personal studio.

Kate has a BFA in ceramics, sculpture and drawing from the University of Iowa, and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Florida. She has exhibited nationally, winning awards along the way.

What Dreams May Come Linda Pence
Linda Pence, Painter
(mixed water media)

318 Southeast 71st Street

Gainesville, Florida 32641

352-376-8327 or (cell) 352-215-1705

You may find Linda out painting in the garden that surrounds her home and studio in East Gainesville. Much of her inspiration comes from spending time working in her garden where she tends to native plants and fosters an expansive butterfly garden. It is here and in her home studio that she does her more experimental and personal work.  

"My love of art began in NYC where I attended Pratt Institute. I studied at the Art Students League and Cooper Union, and was also a student and instructor at the Arica School. I moved from NYC to Gainesville in 1997 and became attracted to our local parks, springs and rivers where I could capture the innate feeling of place and express the energy of nature with a more abstract interpretation through my artwork."

Storm Coming Alfred Phillips

Alfred is sharing his studio tour site with Chris Tatum, Woodturner.

Alfred Phillips, Painter (contemporary realism, acrylic)

1325 Northwest 53rd Terrace

Gainesville, Florida 32605


"Because I almost always paint realistically but never to the point of photorealism, I call my work 'contemporary realism,' and it often has a narrative theme--sometimes humorous and sometimes serious. Lately I have been introducing abstract elements into my work and experimenting with mixed media."

Alfred Phillips is a Gainesville-based artist who specializes in acrylic painting. Educated in Louisville, Kentucky's Art Center School, with a full scholarship four-year studio degree, Phillips has a long, successful career in commercial art. This included stints at ad agencies, then his own graphics design firm. In 2003 he closed the firm and took up acrylic painting full-time when he relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earning multiple awards and making sales on national and international levels. In 2013 he moved in Gainesville, Florida, and became active in the arts community.

Chris Tatum Woodworker

Chris Tatum, Woodworker

1325 Northwest 53rd Terrace 

Gainesville, Florida 32605

(Sharing studio tour site with Alfred Phillips.)


Chris Tatum has worked with wood all his life, moving from Miami, Florida, to Gainesville in 1978. He is a craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry for mover than 30 years and has since reinvented his artform to focus on woodturning, the art of shaping forms on a lathe to create functional and sculptural objects. Utilizing discarded material, Chris meticulously crafts beautiful works of art from his imagination. His work not only serves a functional purpose, but is aesthetically engaging and thought-provoking.


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Candace C.jpg
Candace McCaffery, Fiber Artist

GFAA Gallery

1314 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601

(Sharing studio tour site with Frank Curtis.)


"I am a self-taught fiber artist. I enjoy experimenting with color and pattern to create my designs. Many of my artworks reflect my love for nature. It is rewarding to me to be able to transform plain white cotton into something much more: A colorful celebration of nature in my own interpretation.

"I utilize many different surface design techniques. Dyeing and over-dying, stamp making and direct and indirect printing are a few of my standard techniques."

Come watch the process and the transformation!

Frank Curtis 2.jpg
Frank Curtis, Mixed Media Assemblage Artist

GFAA Gallery

1314 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601

(Sharing studio tour site with Candace McCaffery.)


Frank has been a multi-talented artist in our community since the 1970s. Bring something to the studio and Frank just might include your contribution in the piece he will be making for the Studio Tour.

A graduate of Florida School of the Arts Graphic Design with a University of Florida BFA in Photography and USF Masters Candidate, Frank wears many hats. He does a great job as Gaineville’s Artwalk Director, is a current board member of Gainesville Fine Arts Association and moonlights as saxophonist in the Gainesville Community Band. His award-winning works are on display around the country and reside in many private collections.

Adrienne 4.jpg
Adrienne Gonia, Mixed Media Artist
(acrylic, oils & cold wax)

2212 SW 79th Drive

Gainesville, Florida 32607


A retired traveler who has made Gainesville her home, Adrienne is continually inspired by the landscape of Paynes Prairie and the animals that live there.  The ever changing light in North Central Florida provides a dramatic backdrop to our local environment and her goal is to paint the wild beauty of our area.

Recently she has been working with cold wax, an oil-based process, and will be giving demonstrations both days during the Studio Tour.


Gainesville Fine Arts Association

1314 South Main Street    Gainesville, Florida

Michelle Nagri 1.jpg

Michelle Nagri, Photographer

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville FL 32609


Michelle has spent the majority of her life being the quiet observer. Spoken word never came easy for her, but she still had something within that she wanted to share with the world. In 2010 she was introduced to a digital SLR camera and immediately fell in love. Since then she's been honing her craft in an attempt to find her voice. She enjoys nature and architecture as subject matters, and especially loves to abstract such environments in order to highlight the light, the shape, and the feeling of a particular location.


In 2018 she completed her 365 Project, a personal undertaking in which she took a single-unedited photograph and digitally manipulated that same photograph differently every day for one year. The result was 365 unique pieces of art which blur the boundaries between digital painting and photography. Each day was a new approach, a new vision. A book of the project is nearing completion and set to be released summer 2019.

"Photography is a form of communication. I want people to see the beauty that surrounds them. I want people to notice the little details while taking in the big picture. When you look at my photos I want you to be stimulated mentally. What is this? Where was this taken? What am I looking at? What does this remind me of? How does this make me feel?"

ocw_sisters of the burn Peter

Peter Senesac, Painter

(acrylics and oils)

1616 NW 10th Terrace

Gainesville Florida 32609



"I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. All my paintings, even the abstracts, seem to resolve as landscapes. I want to express how the land and sky are shaped by light and how reflections describe the surface of water. Mood and atmosphere are more important to me than representing a particular place. My intention is to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.


"I apply both oils and water media to canvas, watercolor paper, or prepared wood panels. With brushes, palette knives, improvised tools, and sometimes bare hands, my techniques range from thin washes and glazes to spattering and thick impasto. Finished paintings are protected with varnish. You can follow my painting on all the social media platforms, Etsy, and my website under the name Art For Pete Sake."

Peter is sharing his studio tour site with Michelle Nagri, Photographer.

Wes Lindberg 1.jpg
Wes Lindberg, Photographer 
(light painting, human purpose)

The Lady Loft Studio

846 Northwest 31st Avenue 

Gainesville, Florida   32609


“My personal passion has always been to excite and inspire through the arts. Being a digital media artist has accelerated my creative process as I continue to discover new and exciting forms of self-expression."

Wes shares a studio with his wife

Debra Lindberg, Encaustic Mixed Media.

"Currently my vision is one of contemporary humans contemplating their purpose on the planet. The process begins with sacred spaces and stained-glass windows, capturing the streaming light, then painting with the light using dancers as brushes. Each figure is photographed in motion and poses of contemplation while the radiant light shines through and around them, enlightening the spirit within.”

Wes Lindberg is a full-time digital media professor at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. He has been a fine art photographer for most of his life and is now creating full-color fine art images for worldwide exhibition.

Debra Lindberg 2.jpg
Debra Lindberg, Encaustic
(wax-based, collage, mixed media)

The Lady Loft Studio

846 Northwest 31st Avenue 

Gainesville, Florida 32609

(Sharing studio space with her husband, Wes Lindberg.)


"My work employs a traditional encaustic process incorporating multiple layering of collage elements, pigments, photo transfers and other materials, such as batiks, that are encased between layers of clear encaustic medium via heat fusion. This process results in an unmatched level of depth and luminosity that is unique to encaustic."

Deb and Wes Lindberg have a newly constructed two-story artist studio including a "Man Cave" and a "Lady Loft" behind their vintage home in the Stephen Foster neighborhood. On your way to the studio enjoy a lovely walk through the loosely landscaped gardens...and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of the resident garden bunnies along the path.

Diana Tonnessen, Printmaker
(linoleum block prints)

2390 Northwest 18th Place

Gainesville, Florida 32605


"I am a Gainesville, Florida-based artist and printmaker whose limited-edition linoleum block prints combine whimsical compositions, luminous colors and the rustic texture of the linocut to depict Florida's rich cultural heritage as one of American's top tourist destinations. My heritage series features classic cars, campers, motels, gas stations, diners, roadside attractions and other ephemera of early-to mid-20th Century car travel in Florida. Many of my works were inspired by real motels and attractions on U.S. Highway 441 in Alachua and Marion Counties.

"My creative process begins with an original photograph, sketch or composition, which is reversed (everything prints in mirror image), transferred to a block of linoleum and carved by hand. Each print is created by applying ink to the block with a hand-held brayer, covering the block with a sheet of paper and either rubbing the back of the paper by hand or feeding the block through a hand-cranked press." 

At her studio, Diana will demonstrate how to pull a print using an etching press.

Jane Medved, Painter (acrylics)

Jane Medved Art Studio & Gallery

705 Northeast 9th Avenue

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My art studio is a hidden two-story structure near downtown Gainesville. The building style blends with the neighborhood’s historic architecture.


"My paintings of nature and human nature generally fall into three categories I’ve dubbed waterscapes, peoplescapes, and worldscapes. I enjoy the challenge of painting water with its shifting light, reflections and wave patterns. I paint wildlife and human visitors having fun outdoors. My worldscapes are satires of life on earth. I also create folk-art masks and will hold a drawing for a free mask on each day of the studio tour."


In addition to local venues, Jane's artwork has been shown at Montana’s Yellowstone Art Museum and at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum of Arts and Design.


Marsh Life Leslie Peebles 1.jpg
Leslie is sharing her studio tour site with Christina Bartonicek, Printmaker.

Leslie Peebles, Printmaker

(linocut & wood-cut relief prints, mixed media)

Sweetwater Print Cooperative

117 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601


"My path as an artist intertwines between spiritual and dream work, and an ever-growing connection with nature. Nature serves as a living metaphor for the connectedness of all things; internal, external and universal. Land, trees, and animals are the projections and identifiers of self and universe."

Leslie's pieces begin with a profound personal experience. Next, the long, arduous process of carving begins. The blocks are printed on an etching press and color is added with watercolor, encaustic medium, or through reduction or multi-block printmaking.

cHRISTINA Yucca.jpg

Christina Bartonicek, Printmaker

(linocut & silkscreening)

Sweetwater Print Cooperative 

117 South Main Street

Gainesville, Florida 32601

(Sharing studio tour site with Leslie Peebles)

Christina Bartonicek is the sole woman working behind the scenes of Open Door Prints. Originally from Eastern Europe, her family came to the States in 1999 in search of the good life, which she has most recently found right here in Gainesville! 


Christina's prints are inspired by Eastern European folklore, the art nouveau movement and the natural world. She works mostly in linocuts and silkscreening, enjoying the physicality of the process of hand-printing, and hopes to teach others about the beauty of the impression of a linocut on paper.

B Ford 3.jpg
Bettianne Ford,
Glass Artist & Photographer

401 Southwest 42nd Street

Gainesville, Florida 32607


"I have always been interested in glass for its beauty, usefulness and reflective qualities. I studied the art of kiln-fired glass with Jacquelyne Collett for several years. With Jacqui I learned the required techniques for creating original pieces to achieve a desired outcome, including use of appropriate materials, and the process of kiln-firing. My studio is set up to be functional and is equipped with what I need to create the pieces I design.

Jay Winter Collins 6.jpg
Jay Winter Collins
(Folk Artist)
Happy Place Studio
3146 NW 13 Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(located Grace Presbyterian Church)

Jay uses high-flow acrylic, applied with markers and brush, on wood, canvas or found objects to create vivid images and patterns. The work may include more than 16 layers with thin varnishes between layers to maximize the density of color.

Jay also uses digital techniques to print her own base designs on canvas, then adds paint and objects to that canvas to create a series of related images, in a narrative manner. The smallest of details are added using fine-point acrylic markers, so that the paintings seem to vibrate.

The whimsical subject matter is meant to engage the viewer, gladden the heart and encourage a moment of delighted mindfulness, as the brain is stimulated by the juxtaposition of intensely saturated line and pattern.

Northwood Pond #9 121x12 at 300ppi 8 bpc
Cindy Capehart, Painter and Photographer
(oils, acrylic & photography abstract)

3513 Northwest 16th Boulevard

Gainesville, Florida 32605


Cindy Capehart is a visual artist and long time resident of Gainesville, Florida. She graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She enjoys photography, drawing, printmaking and painting. Since 2011 she has been showing her vivid oil paintings at art festivals across the country.

Capehart finds her inspiration both in the natural and everyday world; finding beauty in unexpected places.  She takes a different view of the landscape by focusing closely on the subject. The subject then becomes the patterns created by the vegetation and its cast shadow or reflection, branches and bark of trees and even patterns in asphalt and concrete. In designing such a composition based on naturally occurring patterns, Capehart is exploring the abstract qualities inherent in nature. What results is a bold and dynamic painting or photograph that  also evokes a  sense of intimacy as well as unexpected tranquility. 

When visiting Capehart’s studio during the GFAA studio tour you will be rewarded with this unique opportunity to see the expansive variety of creativity she dabbles in.

Sarah Whitmire, Mixed Media Painter
(visionary, shamanic, fine artist)

6041 NW 111 Place

Alachua, Florida 32625



"Redefined the role of artist as mystic...before a live audience to bridge a connection between the divine muse and my live audiences.  In these sacred performances I summon, embody, and finally record the energy and teachings I receive."

Annie Pais 3.jpg

Annie is sharing her studio tour site with Candace Hollinger, Jewelry.

Annie Pais, Painter
(watercolors, oils, acrylics)

926 NW 40th Drive

Gainesville, Florida 32605


352- 377-0777

I had the great, good fortune to be raised in a studio in New Canaan, Connecticut with regular access to New York City by two artistic parents who saw the world through a cultural lens and took delight in sharing all of this with me. They never criticized or even interfered; rather they let me discover my own interests as I experimented with materials and processes. The artists and writers who frequented our home encouraged these creative adventures. I was so much at home there that when my father died tragically and suddenly and my young mother immersed herself (completing her MFA at Columbia University), I became a latch-key kid and took safe shelter in the studio, continuing to make art.

Over the years, it has become the powerful foundation for my own artwork, my teaching method, and my community development contributions. Now I am writing a memoir/short treatise on the creative process…40 years of experience “In The Studio”! 


The studio for me is an estuary, a safe shallows, where it’s safe to stretch out, be curious and explore. My method of instruction seeks to offer this rare experience to all ages, reflecting how artists actually work in their studios. I have a saying in the studio: "The art is what we make. It’s interesting, yet only the byproduct of the much more important process- for the art is what we make; the creative process is who we are!"

Candace Hollinger, Jewelry
(gemstone jewelry in sterling silver, Argentium silver and copper)
(Sharing studio tour site with Annie Pais.)


Candace Hollinger is a retired graphic designer/illustrator who collects and designs jewelry with gemstones. She began collecting gems and minerals as a child with her dad in the creeks and sandhills of Georgia and Iowa. While working at the University of Minnesota, she took classes in silversmithing and fabrication.


Candace Holliger 2.jpg
Candace McCaffery
Joyce Marie Lottinville, Fiber Collage Artist
ArtLoft Studio
Artisans' Guild Gallery, Upstairs
​201 SE 2nd Place Suite 113
Union Street Station 

Gainesville, Florida 


"My quilted creations begin with my original drawings. From the original drawings I make patterns and then start cutting out the fabric for my design and final creations. After quilting each piece I embellish the work with beading and three dimensional additions. Born in Jacksonville, my favorite subjects have been Florida birds and animals.

I retired from the University of Florida after 36 years of working as a museum artist, art illustrator and graphic artist."


Cindy .JPG
Cindy Barnett, Potter
(functional wheel-thrown stoneware pottery)
Back Porch Pottery
3111 NW 18th Place
Gainesville, Florida 32605


Apprenticed to a studio potter in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cindy eventually bought the studio and spent years throwing pots while also working as a Speech Pathologist and raising a family. In 1976 she moved to Gainesville, where she served on UF’s Clinical Faculty in Medical Speech Pathology.


Cindy returned to her love of functional wheel-thrown clay forms in 2017 after a 20-year hiatus. She was accepted into the Spring Arts Festival, then Thornebrook, the Downtown Arts Festival and the 2019 Spring Arts. She is also active in the Artisan’s Guild community and the Gainesville Fine Arts Association.


“Clay is limitless. Having the opportunity to concentrate solely on throwing pots at this time in life is energizing and joyful. Being surrounded by the artists in this wonderful city motivates creativity and excellence.”